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Every day clothing is happily dry cleaned but expensive quality garments tend to need more looking after and i recommend four things.


1. NEVER wear your suit more than one day a week, it is essential to allow the fabric time to rest from body heat and natural stretching that occurs during the day and preventing your garment from looking old and tired before its time!


Trust me on this one, your suit will be grateful for the rest!


2. Dry clean your suit as little as possible as the more often you dry clean it the more the strong chemicals used in the process will take the life out of the garment.

3.Very often all your suit needs is a freshen up with a sponge and press, not only does this cost less but it is also far more gentle on the fabric.

4. Every now and then request a full service on your suit, in this we will sponge and press, if necessary dry clean, repair and replace any buttons or zips required



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