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January 2016

Now that the Christmas chaos is over, that’s us back to some sort of normality!

Sewing Classes

The sewing classes are going really well and are great fun too. Myself and Margaret certainly do look forward to Monday and Tuesday evenings! It looks like our new classes will be starting on the 25th and 26th January and are already almost fully booked, so great excitement! Nothing better than doing a job you love!

As well as sewing classes it looks like made to measure garments are on the way up I'm glad to say.

Made to Measure Garments

Since the start of January we have taken a large number of made to measures, ranging from very pink tailcoats and trousers to very plain outsized trousers, tartan waistcoats single and double breasted. Such a wonderful variety!! I love it!!

Free Measuring

Another new thing that seems to be happening is I am being asked to measure up Brides and Bridesmaids when their dresses are being ordered online. I am more than delighted to do this free of charge, its a simple thing for me to do and ensures that your measurements are absolutely correct! I have been doing a lot of these in the last couple of weeks and hope to do many more.

Bespoke Alterations

One more thing that we are very busy with nowadays is altering young mens shirts, jacket and trousers to fit their gym chiseled bodies and show off those large muscles and slim waists that I spend many hours in the gym trying to achieve, but never seem to get there! Perhaps my love of red wine gets in the way, so i’ll settle for what i have :-)


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